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然而,中国国有电信运营商中国联通与紫光集团合作推出了全新的5G Super SIM。

与目前的SIM卡不同,新的5G Super SIM将提供不同的存储类型。

目前,5G Super SIM卡有32GB,64GB和128GB存储选项。


据中国联通称,5G Super SIM可用于存储智能手机中的照片,视频和其他数据。

移动到新智能手机时,它可用于备份整个数据。 但是,用户必须为单击备份选项安装应用程序。它还提到了企业级加密。

我们认为所有智能手机都不会与5G Super SIM兼容。只有运营商专用的智能手机可能会获得此功能,因为它需要在软件方面进行额外的调整。 截至目前,该公司尚未公布支持这项新技术的智能手机清单。

有关5G Super SIM的定价和可用性的细节尚未公布。


中国40个城市的商业发布将在10月份进行。虽然没有官方确认,但我们预计5G Super SIM将在今年年底前上市。

The SIM cards we now use in our smartphones came with up to 256KB of storage. With such low storage, we can only store contacts and a few messages. However, the Chinese state-owned telecommunications operator China Unicom in partnership with Ziguang Group launched the all-new 5G Super SIM. Unlike the current SIM card, the new 5G Super SIM will be available in different storage variants. Currently, the 5G Super SIM card comes in 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB storage options.

However, the company also mentioned to bring 512GB and 1TB storage variants in the near future. According to China Unicom, the 5G Super SIM can be used for storing photos, videos, and other data from smartphones. It can be used for backup entire data when moving to a new smartphone. However, the users have to install an app for a one-click backup option. It is also mentioned to come enterprise-grade encryption.

We don’t think all smartphones will be compatible with the 5G Super SIM. Only the carrier-exclusive smartphones might get this feature as it needs additional tweaks in terms of software. As of now, the company hasn’t announced the list of smartphones supporting this new technology. Even the details regarding the pricing and availability of the 5G Super SIM are yet to be revealed. Earlier this month, China Unicom launched the 5G trial services in Shanghai, China.

The commercial launch across 40 cities in China will happen in the month of October. While there is no official confirmation, we expect the 5G Super SIM to be made available by the end of this year. Stay tuned on Phone Radar for more details!


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